Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your Last Chance

Be sure to tune in before the end of March to see Jim Ott’s interview with Albert Rothman, author of A Brooklyn Odyssey.

Rothman, 84, of Livermore, has just published his first memoir about his childhood as a Jew in Brooklyn during The Great Depression. A perfect jumpstart for a great screenplay!

Rothman earned his Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical engineering from the U.C. Berkeley in 1954. He retired from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1986. Since then he has spent much time remembering. And writing.

Rothman's stories will take you back to a time that was simpler, sweeter, more complex, more bitter--a time that perhaps holds lessons for us all to appreicate in these tough economic times.

Read Jim's feature about Dr. Albert Rothman that appeared in The Tri-Valley Herald

And p.s.--Rothman took the very first class I taught about how to write and publish a book. He was a delight! Lots of questions! When he came to the studio for the interview, he immediately embraced me and told me that I was as beautiful today as I was then--Another Writer We Love!


Albert Rothman said...

Dear Kathy,

What a sweet writeup about me and my book.

I enjoyed your class back in (what year was it? No matter.)

I'd be happy to give you a hug any time, and thanks for your words.



Kathy Cordova said...


You are an absolute delight to know! Looking forward to the next hug and the next volume of your memoir!