Friday, February 20, 2009

Yay! I’m a Villain! Another Writer We Love

Me, Camille, and Jim

Who doesn’t fantasize about being a Villain? Think of the most compelling characters of fiction (or non-fiction)—Erica Kane in All My Children, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Tony Soprano, Ted Bundy, Bernie Madoff, Tamra from The Real Housewives of OC!

Disturbing as it is, these people are WAY more fascinating than the Average Joe or Josephine who file their income tax returns on time, never have more than two glasses of wine at a party and always remember to floss.

In my real life, I try hard to resist my evil impulses. I strive to be conscientious, thoughtful, kind—a good wife, mother, daughter and friend. My guilty shame is that I love bottled water, but I repent by religiously recycling.

But, in my imagination…Oh, the things I can think!

When mystery writer Camille Minichino (aka Margaret Grace) asked if she could hang out with us, watch us tape the show, and pepper us with questions about the inner workings of a TV station to research her new mystery, Malice in Miniature, I quickly agreed.

Camille is the most delightful of authors—on time, well-prepared, eloquent, exceptionally pleasant.

She brings fudge and candy for the crew! In over seven years of doing the show, Camille is the only one who has ever brought sweets—and she’s been on three times! (Hint, Hint, for all you aspiring authors!)

When she told me that she was basing her next book in a TV studio, I was more than happy to help her with the research.

Camille/Margaret loves using her fiction to learn about new things. When I read her latest book I was happily surprised to see how many details she got just right and how her powers of observation added to the realism of her writing.

But most of all, being the closet narcissist that I am, I loved how she took a few details of me and turned them into a not-so-likable character.

Nan Browne is blond and I am not, but I noticed that we both wore the same “flowered skirt with a handkerchief hemline” (I totally have one of those!) and I liked that Nan was “well put together,” which is something that is not so true when I am being the carpooling mother character in my real life.

A little bummer about Nan being “fortyish”—next time I’d like my imaginary villainess self to be more early thirties, with perhaps a sultry Angelina Jolie vibe….

And one more teensy request.


Margaret/Camille, next time, can I be the murderer?


Camille Minichino said...

Add Kathy Cordova's name to "writers we love!"

It's easier to think of her beating out Angelina for an Oscar than being a killer, however!

It's always a pleasure to visit the studio -- thanks for being so welcoming and for all you do for the literary community.

Jim Ott said...

Great post, Kathy!

I love it when Camille comes on the show. She always has a few tips about writing that I steal for my own work. She's amazing!

And Kathy as a murderer? Hmmm... Maybe an evil twin, but not the Kathy I know! I agree with Camille that Kathy could give Angelina a run for her money on the red carpet. She'd get Brad to turn his head!

Kathy Cordova said...

Obviously, Jim and Camille, you don't know about my imaginary dark side!

I don't think Angelina has anything to worry about, although if I got close enough to Brad I might spill my drink on him to get him to turn his head!

Camille Minichino said...

Don't you love mutual admiration?

I put this link on my website; hope that's ok. I'm trying to spread your fame, Kathy and Jim, far and wide!

Kathy Cordova said...

It makes me blush!

Yes, please link to us! Fame is good!

she said...

another great interview.. and loved learning the background/history

how fun!

-and shame on me.. not bringing treats

but i will apply what i've learned here in april

love, ~s.