Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet The Crew!

Oh, I know, we make it look easy. But a lot of hard work goes into creating In a Word! You see Jim and me on every show, but I want to introduce a few of the behind-the-scenes people who make the television magic happen for us every month:

Terisa Thurman, Senior Producer/Director

Terisa is a cooler than the coolest cucumber on the longest vine on the frostiest April morning. NOTHING upsets her. She is as reliable as the sunrise and as sure to shine despite the clouds.

Recently, after going through all kinds of machinations to get a crew to come in on a Sunday to accommodate the schedule of a visiting author, the author's assistant e-mailed (not even phoned, but e-mailed!) to cancel—fifteen minutes AFTER he was scheduled to be in the studio!

I’m still practicing all my forgiveness and loving-kindness meditations on this one. At that particular moment in time, let’s just say, I was more than a little upset.

Terisa, on the other hand—Cool.

“Maybe we can reschedule,” she said shrugging her shoulders. As I thanked her profusely for giving up a Sunday afternoon for this show that would never be, she was completely unfazed, and then she said these words that made me feel really lucky and proud to have her as a part of our crew:

“I love to make TV and that’s why I’m here.”

Then there’s Dar Clark, Studio Manager

Dar is a bit of a mystery. I don’t know much about his history or his experience or his resume. It’s probably best that way. If he ever told me, he might have to kill me.

What I do know about Dar is that he showed up at the station some I-don’t-know-how-many years ago and now he is quietly doing the very same job that three people once did—and he does it better! I know that if Dar is doing the show, everything will be set up on time and it will run as smoothly as humanly possible.

Even though I suggested Dar’s quote should be “It’s all about the lighting,” which it really is and, BTW, Dar is great at lighting, he came up with something much better:

“To leave the world better than I found it.”

And then there’s the newest member of the crew—Kenny Avila, Production Manager

Kenny is a 27-year broadcast veteran—by the looks of him, he must have started his career in elementary school! He has worked at KICU in San Jose and other big-time TV gigs. I’ve only worked with Kenny twice, but I can say he is the utmost professional, he's totally upbeat, and he has an awesome smile.

Kenny’s quote:

“To learn something new every day.”

That’s the crew!


Jim Ott said...

I echo Kathy's remarks 100% about our awesome crew. Terisa, Dar, and Kenny make it all happen for us.

Similar to Kathy's experience with "cool" Terisa, I had a similar situation with Terisa and Dar being super patient one day when we were in Livermore at the fire station that houses the world's longest burning light bulb. We were scheduled to meet with author and KPIX star Juliette Goodrich, who through no fault of her own was trapped in a huge traffic jam on 580. But we didn't know that for quite some time. We just thought she may have forgotten us! So Terisa and Dar and I stood around for a long time looking at one fire engine and hoses and the light bulb in the fire station, which was pretty much empty because the crew was putting out a fire somewhere.

Terisa and Dar were troopers, and eventually we got word what happened. Juliette showed up and we had a great interview.

Kudos to everyone at TV30! You guys are the BEST!

she said...

hey ren man.. i spy my lucky number, thank you!

and of course, "CHEERS!" to tv30's awesome crew

i can vouch for their kindness, talent, great patience and sublime editing

great to see a blog up! -and look foward to february's show

love, ~s.